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Stretching Exercises for an Ideal Body Weight

Stretching Exercises are generally performed before or after a workout to increase flexibility and prevent muscular soreness. But what if we could use Stretching Exercises to burn stubborn body fat and to maintain ideal body weight? Studies show that dynamic stretches aid in weight loss, if performed correctly. If you are just starting up with the stretches, you should consider performing the below stretching exercises for flexibility and to maintain ideal body weight.

So here are a few stretching exercises that aid weight loss.

Upper Body Stretching Exercises

A stretching session is incomplete without upper body stretches. So this exercise increases the flexibility of your shoulders, chest and upper back muscles. Perform three sets of ten repetitions at a manageable pace. This stretching exercise can also be used to strengthen your shoulder muscles.


Lower Body Stretching Exercises

Lower body stretches are excellent exercise to elevate your heart rate. It also helps improve the flexibility of the muscles of your lower body. Performing three sets of ten reps with 30 seconds rest in between sets, is a good starting point for beginners.


Toe Touches

Touches Looking for a simple yet effective stretch for your lower body? Standing toe touches is your answer. However, those with lower back issues may need to stay away from this exercise, as it puts pressure on the discs. If you are healthy, you can perform two sets of ten repetitions.

Standing hamstring stretch

If done correctly, this exercise can help gain flexibility in the hamstrings and burn a few calories in no time. Also known as toy soldiers, the standing hamstring stretch exercise can be added to your warm up routine as it prepares the lower body by stretching the muscles and activating them. Perform two sets of ten repetitions on each leg. It is one of the best hamstring stretches you can perform to warm up to your exercises.


Spider Man Walk With Rotations

This is an excellent exercise to stretch the hip flexors, groin, gluteus, lower back and other paraspinal muscles. With each step taken forward, hold the end range for at least five seconds to maximize the effectiveness of this exercise. Perform two sets of this exercise for a distance of at least ten meters.

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