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Nutrition Rich Food For Hair Growth

It is very important to eat good Food for Hair Growth, as food plays an important role in keeping your hair strong and shiny. Most people who suffer from hair loss have one thing in common and that is eating food that has low nutritional value. As a result of low nutritional value, people face lot of issues regarding their health. Nutritional deficiencies can wreck havoc not only on your body’s health but also on your hair health as well. Therefore, it is a necessary to take proper nutritious food for hair growth. However, you don’t need to spend too much on your food, instead simple home cooked food can help you deal with your nutritional deficiencies. It is important to eat good food for hair growth.

Onion and Garlic are two most wonderful food items that can help you prevent hair loss and helps improve receding hairline. Apart from these two there are several other food for hair growth that you can include in your diet regime to improve protect your hair from falling

Here are the best food items for preventing hair fall.

1 Eggs for hair Growth


Eggs are great food for hair growth, as it contains rich nutritional value with adequate vitamin b12, biotin and other essential nutrients for hair growth. It is a source of protein which is important for hair growth. Experts suggest that you should eat eggs daily to help your body get adequate nutrients and proteins. This eventually helps prevent your hair from falling and revives hair growth.

2 Spinach


This green vegetable is a great food for hair growth. It is loaded with vitamins such as vitamin A, C along with nutrients such as iron, and folate. Hence, eating Spinach as part of your diet regime may help you prevent hair fall. Furthermore, vitamin A in spinach helps produce sebum, a skin gland that help nourish your hair with its oily substance. Therefore, eating spinach keeps your hair healthy and prevents hair fall.

3 Sweet Potato


Sweet Potatoes are known for its benefits for hair health. It contains beta-carotene, which is a compound that is converted into vitamin A by our body. On the other hand, a recent study, vitamin A keeps your hair healthy by providing proper nourishment. Furthermore, it encourages growth rate of your hair. Therefore, consider eating sweet potato regularly to improve your receding hairline.

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