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How to Prevent Split Ends With Simple Remedies


Split ends have become quite a common problem these days as more and more women resort to heat-styling procedures and chemical processing. Repetitive injury from heat, chemicals and mechanical friction can damage the hair shaft enough to cause splaying and splitting. Although this can occur anywhere in the length of the shaft, split ends are most commonly seen at the ends of the hair.


Prevention of Split Hair

It is important to treat the hair gently. Avoid regular towels, use silk or cotton to wrap your hair dry after shampooing and do not rub your hair with the towel. Avoid aggressive shampooing. Shampoo mostly in the scalp area at the roots which is the greasiest part of your hair and condition the mid lengths of the hair. Do not comb when your hair is wet. Run your fingers through gently instead or use a wide toothed comb. Use a leave in moisturizer or conditioner which will nourish and moisturize to avoid dryness which can further cause friction and split ends.

Applying a few drops of Argan oil or Moroccan oil to the ends and mid lengths of hair after washing also helps. You can also follow this procedure-lightly oil the ends, wrap in a silk cloth and go to bed. Your hair will feel much softer and moisturized next day.

Avoid heat-styling, let hair dry naturally as much as possible. Use a heat protection spray if you must heat-style. Avoid coloring and damaging chemical processes as much as possible. Go for regular trims that will ensure split end free hair. Mistreating your hair, snagging it, combing it harshly can all cause splits from mechanical damage. Deep condition your hair regularly at home or at a salon. Ensure good nutrition with adequate intake of protein, fats, calcium, iron and zinc.

Home Remedies for Split Ends

Coat the lengths of your hair with a mixture of coconut oil and castor oil, wrap in a towel and go to bed. Shampoo and condition next day.

Egg yolks have strengthening and conditioning properties. Mix an egg yolk with honey and oil (2tsp each) and apply to the ends. Leave for 40 mins and wash off.

Use leftover beer in the final wash after shampooing. Leave it in for 10 mins before a final rinse.

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